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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

India 2009 New issue

Bishop Cotton School ,Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) ,Date of issue : 6.10.2009

Maharaja Gulab Singh -  Date of issue : 21.10.2009

Major General Dewan Misri Chand  ,Date of issue : 22.10.2009

Dr. Rajkumar Date of issue :  01.11.2009

Dr. mahenda Lal Sircar , Date of issue - 02.11.2009

Apollo Hospital  , Date of issue - 02.11.2009
Danmal Mathur , Scouts & guides, Date of issue-- 07.11.2009

 Virchand raghavji Gandhi : Date of issue - 08.11.2009

Rajabhau Khobragade, Date of issue : 11.11.2009

Spelling of name of village wrongly printed on official brochure of India post.
Gourishanker Dalmia : Date of issue :12.11.2009
India Fdc on Gourishanker Dalmia

Indian Miniature Sheet
India Philippines : Joint issue ,Vikramshila Ganges River Dolphin & Butanding
Date of issue : 16.11.2009

India se-tenant stamps set

First day cover


60 Years of The Commonwealth

Children's day , Date of issue : 14.11.2009

The Silent Valley

Fdc on The Silent Valley

Greetings stamps 2009; Dateof issue 30.11.2009

Miniature sheet of Greetings 

Fdc of Greetings 2009

Tamilnadu Police ,Date of issue :30.11.2009

Tamilnadu PoliceFdc

Tamilnadu PoliceFolder

2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse ) Date of issue : 02.12.2009
Fdc on 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse )

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ambala cantt (Haryana State ) Date of issue : 02.12.2009

Fdc on Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ambala cantt (Haryana State )

,Date of issue : 16.12.2009

Fdc on Henry Louis Vivian Derzio
Lal Pratap Singh ,Date of issue : 17.12.2009



Horses of India
Indian Mathematical Society , Date of issue : 27.12.2009

Fdc on Indian Mathematical Society

Venkataramana Bhagvathar ,Date of issue :27.12.2009

Fdc on Venkataramana Bhagvathar

Maharaja Surajmal, Date of issue :29.12.2009

Fdc on Maharaja Surajmal

Indian textiles desing

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