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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Indian Princely State Jhalawar Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps Page-3

Talbana stamps (legal processing fee stamps)--
Type-30, issued in 1922-1936, 83x64mm., oval shape, Imperf. Wove paper. Stamped paper of even date cut out and glued to document for use as adhesive.
2 Annas, purple

4 Annas, purple
 8 Annas, purple
1 Rupee, purple
1 Rupees, purple

Revenue stamps :--
Type-35, issued in 1930-40, size of stamps 25x31 mm, perf 12. Wove paper.
1 Anna, rose- red, gutter marginal pair.

1 Anna, red, booklet pane, used for court fee

1 Anna, red, normal

1 Anna, red, imperf. unlisted

Type-36, issued in 1940-45, size of stamps 26x31 mm, perf 12. Wove paper.
1 Anna, dull red

1 Anna, rose-red

1 Anna, brown

1 Anna, brown-chocolate

1 Anna, chocolate

 1 Anna, light chocolate

1 Anna, chocolate, dot printing

1 Anna, chocolate, perf.11

1 Anna, chocolate, perf.11-1/2

 1 Anna, chocolate, imperf.

Type-38, issued in 1943, size of stamps 25x31 mm, imperf .Wove paper.
1 Anna, red

1 Anna. various types of burned printing

Type-39, Type- 38 in new printing by photo lithographed, Perf. 11
1 Anna, brown-chocolate

1 Anna, chocolate

1 Anna, chocolat, perf. shifted

Type-40, used in 1945-50, size 25x30mm. Perf.11, Wove paper. Photo lithographed
1 Anna, dark chocolate.

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