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Saturday, October 31, 2009

India Stamps issued in Year 1957

List of Stamps issue in 1957
1. 15n.p. Indian Mutiny Centenary ,Date of issue :15.08.1957
2. 90n.p. Indian Mutiny Centenary
3. 15n.p. 19th International Red Cross Conf.,Date of issue :28.10.1957
4. 8n.p.   National Children's Day Date of issue :14.11.1957
5. 15n.p. National Children's Day 
6. 90n.p. National Children's Day 
7. 10n.p. Centenary of Indian Universities ,Bombay University, Date of issue :31.12.1957
8. 10n.p. Calcutta University
9.  10n.p. Madras University

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