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Monday, December 28, 2009

India stamps issued in 1948 , Mahatma Gandhi mourning issue

List of Stamps issue in 1948
1.Inauguration of India - U.K. Air Service , Date of issue 29.05.1948
This stamps also known as Stamps Queen of one day, because The stamps used for only one day for the first flight of India- U.k.
2. Mahatma Gandhi set of 4 stamps
 1-1/2 Anna , 3-1/2 Anna, 12 Anna, 10 Rs.
The stamps printed in Switzerland on no watermark paper.
Overprinted SPECIMEN for v.i.p. in presentation folder exist.
Overprinted SERVICE by ISP Nasik for official use of Governor Generals C.Rajagopalachari.
The stamps withdrawn shortly, because some of opposition Party leaders raise a question in Parliament, A Commemorative can't be use as a service stamps. After than IPT decide to withdrawn stamps.
Total nos of stamps overprinted
Denomination    No of sheets    Stamps overprinted
1-1/2 Anna.           323                       16150
3-1/2 Anna.             31                         1550
12 Anna.                  9                             450
10 Rs.                      4                             200

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