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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indian Princely State Bikaner Fiscal stamps

Indian Princely State Bikaner Fiscal stamps:--
Bikaner state is formerly Rajputana Agency, now in Rajasthan State , The State was founded in the mid-fifteenth century by bika, a son of the chief of Jodhpur. Area of state was 23,317 square miles ,and population of state was 9,36,218 in 1931.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-10, used in 1938-52 (KM dated 1938-49), size 77x38mm. Perf. 10-1/4, Thik wove paper, Lithographed

 Eight Annas, color shade

One Rupee, various color shade

  Two Rupees, orange

Five Rupees, emerald

Ten Rupees, chocolate

Twenty Rupees, rose

Twenty Rupees, rose, overprinted by rubber hand stamp CHURU
Churu was Tehsil of Bikaner state. Located at 28o18' N latitude and 74o58' E longitude.

Fifty Rupees, blue, one side imperf

Fifty Rupees, blue

Revenue stamps :--
Type-60, issued in 1940(?) ,24x39mm. Perf. 10-1/2.Wove paper

Revenue stamps, 1Rs.,2Rs.,5Rs., 10Rs.

Talbana ( Process )fees :--
Type-75, usage in 1945-52, size 92x68 mm. Imperf. Lithographed.
Four Annas, emerald

Six Annas, chocolate.

Eight Annas, red

Eight Annas, red, serial number of stamps by red ink.

One Rupee, magenta, serial number of stamps by red ink.
One Rupee, magenta, serial number of stamps by black ink.
One Rupee, magenta,printed on grey wove paper

One Rupee, violet 
 Two Rupees, orange

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