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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indian Princely State Bundi old Fiscal Court fees Stamps

Bundi state located lying between 25° and 26° north, and 75° 15' and 76° 19' east. The Chauhan Rajputs, ancestors of the Bundi chiefs, came from northern India to Sambhar about 700 A.D. In 1342, Rao Dewa captured the town now called Bundi from the Minas.
Coat of arms: Bundi’s coat of arms is a shield depicting Garuda, the mount of Vishnu, flanked by winged griffins. The shield is flanked by bulls representing dharma or righteousness; it is crowned by a warrior emerging from flames, signifying the creation-legend of the ruling Chauhan clan, which was supposedly created from fire.

Court fee, Type 12, use in 1940-48, design size 82x26 mm. Imperf. Wove paper .Lithographed.

One anna,light and deep  red ,color variety.

2 annas, ultra, overprinted in second stamps Later used "Rajasthan  Govt. ", color variety

2 annas, blue

six annas, lemon,  second stamps yellow ,unlisted color variety.

six annas, deep yellow,

one rupee brown,  color variety.

one rupee deep chocolate

five rupees, green

five rupees, green, Hindi letter of rupee is broken.
five rupees, yellow green, unlisted color .

Revenue stamps:--
Type- 20, used in 1899, design size 28x32mm. Thin coated, wove paper

one anna, Imperf with simulated perf. 

Type- ? , used in 1941-44, Perf. 11, Typograph,  Postage used as revenue, S.G. no 81.

One Anna pale red, deep red

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