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Thursday, January 14, 2010

List of India stamps issued in 2009

1. Louis Braille Birth Bicentenary, Date of issue --04.01.2009
2. Vaikom Md. Basheer, Date of issue --21.01.2009
3. Saint Paul's Church, Date of issue --25.01.2009
4-7. Heritage Monuments Preservation by INTACH, Date of issue --28.01.2009
    A. Jaisalmer Fort B. Mongyu Monastery, Ladakh C. Saint Anne's Church,Goa D.Qila Mubarak Patiala
8. Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Date of issue --31.01.2009
9. Steel Authority of India,Date of issue --03.02.2009
10.National Girl Child Day ,Date of issue --05.02.2009
11. Sant Santaji Jagnade Maharaj ,Date of issue-- 09.02.2009
12. Maha kavi Magh ,Date of issue--09.02.2009
13. Postal Life Insurance ,Date of issue--11.02.2009
14.Jainacharya vallabh Suri , Date of issue--21.02.2009
15.Harakh Chand Nahata , Date of issue--28.02.2009
16.Medical Council of India , Date of issue--01.03.2009
17.Plerospermum Acerifolium , Date of issue--06.03.2009
18. B. P. Shedmake ,Date of issue--12.03.2009
19.Dr.K.K. Birla  , Date of issue--13.03.2009
20-24. Spices of India, Date of issue--29.04.2009
     A. Black Pepper B. Cinnamon C. Cadamom D.Clove E. Turmeric,Coriander,Chilly
25. R. Sankar, Date of issue--29.04.2009
26.Lifeline Express, Date of issue--12.05.2009
27.Madras Regiment, Date of issue--28.05.2009
28.Reverend J J M Nichols Roy, Date of issue--12.06.2009
29.Sacred Heart Church Pudduchery, Date of issue--19.06.2009
30-33. Rampur Raza Library, Date of issue--19.06.2009
34.Indian Oil, Date of issue--30.06.2009
35.Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration Mussoorie, Date of issue--04.07.2009
36. Ram Charan Agarwal, Date of issue--25.07.2009
37-47.Jayadeva & Geetagovinda (se-tenant set of 11 stamps), Date of issue--27.07.2009
48.St Joseph College, Bangalore, Date of issue--01.08.2009
49.Maharshi Patanjali, Date of issue--04.08.2009
50.Pingali Venkaiah, Date of issue--12.08.2009
51-54.Heritage Railway Stations of India, Date of issue--16.08.2009
     A. Howrah B. Chennai Central C. Mumbai CST D. Old Delhi
55.Uttam Kumar, Date of issue--03.09.2009
56.Sacred Heart Matriculation Senior Secondary School, Chennai, Date of issue--09.09.2009
57.Holy Cross,Church,Date of issue--14.09.2009
58.Dushyant Kumar, Date of issue--27.09.2009
59-61.Rare Fauna of the North East, Date of issue--01.10.2009
     A.Red Panda B. Phayre’s Leaf Monkey C.Marbled Cat
62.Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, Date of issue--06.10.2009
63.R.K. Narayan, Date of issue--10.10.2009
64 Dineshnandini Dalmia, Date of issue--11.10.2009
65.India Post Freighter Carrie, Date of issue--12.10.2009
66-67. Jain Temples, Date of issue--14.10.2009
     A. Dilwara Temple B. Ranakpur Temple
68. Maharaja Gulab Singh, Date of issue--21.10.2009
69.Major General Dewan Misri Chand, Date of issue--22.10.2009
70-71. Jeanne Jugan Little Sisters of the Poor, Date of issue--29.10.2009
72.Dr. Rajkumar, Date of issue--01.11.2009
73. Dr. M.L Sircar, Date of issue--02.11.2009
74.Apollo Hospital, Date of issue--02.11.2009
75. Danmal Mathur, Date of issue--07.11.2009
76. V.R.Gandhi, Date of issue--08.11.2009
77-80. Horses of India, Date of issue--09.11.2009
   A. Marwari B.Kathiawari C. Manipuri D.Zanskari
81. Rajabhau Khobragade, Date of issue--11.11.2009
82.Gaurishanker Dalmia, Date of issue--12.11.2009
83. 60 Years of the Commonwealth, Date of issue--13.11.2009
84-85. National Children's Day, Date of issue--14.11.2009
   A. Tiger B. Deer
86. Silent Valley, Date of issue--15.11.2009
87-88. India Philippines Joint Issue, Date of issue--16.11.2009
   A. Gangetic Dolphin B. Butanding
89. G.G. Jadhav, Date of issue--18.11.2009
90. Tamil Nadu Police, Date of issue--30.11.2009
91-94.Greetings (set of 4 stamps ), Date of issue--01.12.2009
95. Convent of Jesus & Mary School, Ambala, Date of issue--02.12.2009
96. 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse), Date of issue--02.12.2009
97-100. Traditional Textile ( set of 4 stamps), Date of issue--10.12.2009
101. Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, Date of issue--15.12.2009
102. Lal Pratap Singh, Date of issue--17.12.2009
103-04. Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers, Date of issue--19.12.2009
105. Indian Mathematical Society, Date of issue--27.12.2009
106. Venkataramana Bhagavathar, Date of issue--27.12.2009
107. Maharaja Surajmal, Date of issue--29.12.2009

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