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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Indian Princely State Baroda Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Baroda (Vadodra) is situated on the banks of River Vishwamitri, this region, southeast of Ahmedabad. Later formerly the Baroda and Gujarat states Agency, merged into Bombay Province, now in Gujarat state.Baroda principality was founded in 1730 by the Mahratta Pilaji Gwaikar, Baroda State has a rich historical background. Population of state was 1,952,692 in 1901.The estimated area of state was 8,099 square miles, and Privy purse of state was Rs. 5.20.000 on the time of accession (1st May 1949 ).
Court fee stamps :--
Type-10, used in 1925-38. size of stamps 88x38mm. Perf. 12-1/2. Wove paper

8 Annas, red

Type -15 ,issued in 1923-25, size of stamps 87x37mm. Wove paper.
1 Anna, magenta

1 Anna, red

1 Anna, deep magenta, Value panel letters large

2 Annas, red

4 Annas,brown

4 Annas, purple brown

4 Annas,red

8 Annas, red

8 Annas, red. large lettering size

8 Annas, deep red.

1 Rupee, red

1 Rupee,green

2 Rupees, red

3 Rupees, red

5 Rupees, red

7 Rupees, red

8 Rupees, red

10 Rupees, red

19 Rupees, red

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Jenny said...

Thanks for all the info you have here. I have just listed a unused Baroda state one on ebay, but i didn't know what it was until someone asked a question, then i started researching and found your site.
What a brilliant site full of all the info. Keep it up