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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Indian Princely State Cambay Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Indian Princely State Cambay Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps :--
Cambay state is formerly Residency for Gujarat States, merged into Bombay Province, now in Gujarat States, area of state was 1,015 KM2 ,and population of state was 87,761 in 1931, Privy purse of state on the time of accession (10Th June.1948 ) was Rs.1,38,000.
Court fee stamps :--
Type- 5, issued in 1933-48, size 83x43mm. Perf. 12, Wove paper.

 Court fee stamps, Two Annas, dark violet.

Four Annas, dull blue

Eight Annas, green

Revenue stamps :--
Type-20, used in 1900-1953, size of stamps 26x31mm., Ship and inscription design. Imperf, Value and serial number, year added by hand.

One Anna, green

Four Annas, green

Type-25, used in 1910-54, size of stamps 32x32mm., Imperf issue, Value added by hand below the top panel. Fine printing.

Four Annas, blue

Type-26, used in 1915-31, Perf.12, Wove paper, Type-25 redrawn. Crude printing.

One Anna, green

Two Annas, yellow

Two Annas, lemon-yellow

Eight Annas, red

Eight Annas, red, dull printing.

Type-30, used in 1940 (?). size of stamps 22x17mm., Perf.10, Wove paper.

One Anna, red

Type-31, used in 1940-45 (?). size of stamps 24x32mm., Perf.12, Wove paper.

 One Anna, red

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