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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indian Princely State Chuda Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Chuda state is formerly Western India Agency, Jhalawad Prant ; merged into Saurashtra  ; now in Gujarat State. area of state was 202 KM2 ,and population of state was 11,333 in 1921. Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15Th Feb.1948 ) was Rs.51,250.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-15, used in 1930-43, size 75x47mm. Perf. 12, Wove paper. Lithographed.
Thakor Shri Bahadur Singhji Jorawar Singhji ( 1920-1947 )

Four Annas, orange

Four Annas, orange-yellow, error double perf.

Revenue stamps :--
Type-45, used in 1915-21, size 32x38mm. Perf.12, Wove paper

One Anna, pale green

Type-50, used in 1930-43, size 31x36mm. Perf.12, Wove paper
One Anna, blue green

One Anna, pale green

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