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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indian Princely State Khetri Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Khetri estate is formerly in Jaipur State,now in Rajasthan State. area of state was 800 square miles ,and population of state was 1,28,377 in 1931.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-1, 1940-45 provisional,  Jaipur Court fee series (Type-10) overprinted "KHETRI" in sans-serif caps. 4-1/2 mm high in black typograph.
Court fee, One Anna, red

Court fee, Two Annas, yello brown

Court fee, Four Anna, orange

Court fee, Two Rupees, emerald
Type-2, Court fee of Jaipur (type-10) with "Khetri" in Hindi in black typograph 2.5 mm. high
1 Anna, red
Type-5, used in 1944-47, size 46x36mm/ Perf. 10-1/2. Printed by machine or hand stamp in violet
1 Anna

Revenue stamps :--
Type-35, use in 1940-45, Revenue stamps of Jaipur, type-39 overprinted in red serif caps 2 mm. high.
Revenue stamps , One Anna

Type-?, 1940-49 Jaipur definitive Revenue stamp (Type 39) overprinted "Khetri" in black Hindi letter.
Revenue stamps, Two Annas, rose-red

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