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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Indian Princely State Malia Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Malia state was formerly Western India States Agency ( Kathiawar ) merged in Saurashtra, now in Gujarat State , area of state was 267 KM2 ,and population of state was 12,660 in 1921, Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15Th February.1948 ) was Rs.47,500.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-3, used in 1915-23, size 66x65mm.Perf.12, Wove paper.

One Anna.

Type -8,used in 1914-15, size 67x58mm., Imperf.,Wove paper. Printed in sheets of thirty six (6x6), cut out and glued as adhesive to documents. Violet double-lined oval. The signature at bottom right is Thakur Shri Maliya,which appears in English or Gujarati.Value inserted by hand in red ink.

Eight Annas.

Type -10,used in 1919-23, size 68x37mm., Perf. 11-3/4, Wove paper

 One Anna, blue

Court fee , 2 annas, rose

Court fee , 4 annas,brown  rose

Court fee , 8 annas, brown

 Two Rupees, yellow-green.

Type -11,date of issue 1945, size 76x35mm., Perf. 11, Wove paper
 Court fee , 8 annas,dark grey

Type -12,date of issue 1933-45, size 76x38mm., Perf. 10-3/4x10-1/4, Lithographed, Wove paper.
Court fee , One anna, pale olive brown

2 Annas, orange

Court fee , 4 annas,brown- violet 

Court fee , 8 annas,chocolate

Court fee , 8 annas,chocolate, letter size large in value panel

Revenue stamps :--
Type- 21, used in 1914, size 65x40mm. Perf. 9, rough Laid paper, Typeset in black on colored paper. Type-20, redrawn, Signature  : "W.P.Wood, Major;Political Agent.

Four Annas, dark brown

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