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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indian Princely State Pudukkottai Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Pudukkottai state is formerly Madras Presidency, now in Tamil Nadu  State. Area of State was 1179 sq miles ,and population of state was 4,00,694 in 1931. Privy purse of state was Rs. 2,66,000 on the time of accession 4Th March 1948 .
Court fee stamps :--
Type-3, used in 1922-26, size 85x46mm. Perf. 11-1/2, Wove paper.
8 Annas, emerald

8 Annas, lemon

Type-7, used in 1933-35, size 76x37mm. Perf. 12, Wove paper.

2 Annas,  bright blue

2 Annas, light blue

1 Rupee, ultra

2 Rupees, red

2 Rupees, pink red

Type-8, used in 1939-44, size 76x37mm. Perf. 12, Wove paper.

2 Anna, pale blue

8 Annas, pale brown

12 Annas, dull green

1 Rupee, ultra

2 Rupees, red

Provisional issue :--
RK Type- 10, used in 1947-48, Type-8 surcharged
2 Annas on 1 Anna, green (unrecorded)

Revenue stamps :--
Type- 11, used in 1924, size 25x32mm., Wove paper
Revenue stamps , One Anna, deep red

Type-12, used in 1925-30(?) size 32x41mm. Wove paper
Revenue stamps , One Anna, red, Perf. 11

Revenue stamps , One Anna, red, Imperf 
(Note - Inverted frame exist)
Type- , used in 19  -45 size 25x32mm. Perf. 11 Wove paper.
1 Anna, deep red

1 Anna, rose red

Entertainment tax stamps :--
Type-25, used in 1940-45 (?), size 33x25mm. Perf. 11-1/2, Thick laid waterwarked paper.
Half Anna, red.


gajan said...

Greatest ancient historical monument of Pudukkottai.

Ramesh Agrawal said...

i have one such stamp with inverted block, PUDUKOTTAI STATE of ONE ANNA on a document of 1923. Can you tell me the cost and its worth?

RAJ KUMAR said...

Inverted Head market price of single stamps 10k to 25k, block of 4 price may be 1 lakh, on document ++ , accordingly cond.