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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indian Princely State Sirohi Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Indian Princely State Sirohi Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps :--
Sirohi state is formerly Rajputana States Agency ; merged in Rajasthan State, except for the tehsils ( districts ) of Abu Road and Dilawara which were merged with Bombay. area of state was 1,994 sq miles ,and population of state was 2,16,528 in 1931
Court fee stamps :--
Type-10, used in 1924-1941, size 76x44mm. Perf.12. Wove paper.Printer Laxmi Art Printing Works, Bombay.
4 Annas, dark blue

4 Annas, light blue

8 Annas, green

3 Rupees, deep violet

5 Rupees, carmine

10 Rupee, rose red

20 Rupee, black

 50 Rupee, salmon, overprinted "Munsif Sirohi"
Type-11, used in 1941-1948, Type 10 redrawn, English Letters taller and thinner.
1 Rupee, dull blue

2 Rupees, magenta

2 Rupees, magenta, Hindi value two misspelled.

5 Rupees,red

 5 Rupees,red, stop after English value

 50 Rupees,salmon

50 Rupees,red, stop after English value

Type-15, used in 1944-1948, size 75x44mm. Perf.10-1/2. Wove paper.Printed in sheet of four.

 4 Annas,violet

One Rupee, pale blue (pic.1)

Same as pic.1 but overprinted by violet rubber stamp Rajasthan,
( later used in Rajasthan)

3 Rupee, deep orange

5 Rupees, carmine

10 Rupees, deep green
Revenue stamps :--
Type- 29, used in 1942-49, size 32x39mm., Perf.12, Wove paper.

3 Rupees, brown orange

4 Rupees, deep orange

Type - 29, provisional issue, black typograth surcharge in sans-serif caps. with new value in English and Hindi over old value at top and bottom value panels.
4 Annans on 8 Annans, green

Type-31, used in 1946-48, size 30x37mm. Perf. 11, Wove paper.
Revenue stamps, Four Annas, brown

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