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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indian Princely State Bamra Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Indian Princely State Bamra, Located in Sambalpur District ,Formerly Orissa states Agencies ,now in Orissa State.Area of state 5,149 km2,Population was 151,047  in 1931, Privy purse was 95,300 Rs. on the time of accession (1 Th Jan. 1948 ).
Court fee stamps :--
Type-8, used in 19390-35 (?), Imperf.,Wove paper.

10 Pice, violet-blue

10 Pice,value party misprint, violet-blue

1 Anna, violet-blue

1 Anna, violet-blue, value in thick lettering

1 Anna, black (Rs. small s)

1 Anna, black, A missing of Anna

1 Anna, blue

1 Anna, violet-blue, double print. value misaligned.

2 Annas, black

2 Annas, black, value diagonal printed

2 Annas, bright blue, "T" inverted, "NA" of ANNAS missing

2 Annas, pale violet-blue, "T" inverted, "NA" of ANNAS missing

3 Annas, pale violet-blue, Annas misspelled

4 Annas, pale violet-blue

5 Annas, dull green

6 Annas, pale green

 7 Annas, black

8 Annas, pale green

12 Annas, pale green

1 Rupee, pale green

1 Rupee, pale green, RuPees "P" in capital letter

Type-11,used in 1939-47, Imperf.,

Court fee, Two Annas, green

Court fee, Two Annas,violet

Court fee, Two Annas,violet,printed on thin paper

Court fee, Four Annas, deep black,
second N in ANNAS inverted and reversed.

Court fee, Four Annas, black

Court fee, Four Annas, black, poor printing

Court fee, Four Annas,letter size large in value panel.

Court fee, Six Annas,red
second N in ANNAS inverted and reversed.

Court fee, Six Annas, red, stop after numeral letter.

Court fee, Six Annas, violet, thin paper.

Court fee, Six Annas, purple

Court fee, Eight Annas, green

 Court fee, One Rupee, green

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