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Monday, May 17, 2010

Indian State Jammu & Kashmir Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Jammu and Kashmir state was formerly Kashmir Residency, now a part of free India , area of state is 222,444 KM2 ,and population of state was 3,646,242 in 1931, Privy purse of state on the time of accession (1947 ) was Rs.10,00,000.
Bill and Receipt :--
One Anna

Surcharged, 10 N.P on 2 N.P.

Ten N.P.

10 Paisa

20 Paisa

50 Paisa

 1 Rupee

 2 Rupees

Surcharge  50p on 20p
New series:--
2 Rupees
Revenue stamps --

One Anna

Special Adhesive :--
Type-37, used in 1945(?), Maharaja Hari Singh King portrait, size 24x29mm, Perf. 14, Wove paper

 8 Annas unlisted in KM

 Fifty Paisa

 One Rupee

Two Rupees

Five Rupees

Six Rupees, WMK upright

Six Rupees, WMK left

 7.50 Rupees

 Ten Rupees

Revenue Stamps ;--
Surcharged 10p
Court fee stamps :--


R.N.Lalingkar, Pune-411037 said...

Revenue Stamp that is being used in other parts/states of India, except J & K is different in design and bears word 'INDIA'(in English & 'BHARAT' (in Hindi). Why words 'India' (in English) & 'Bharat' (in Hindi) are not being printed on J & K Revenue Stamps?

RAJ KUMAR President of stistamp said...

The fiscal stamps issued by state own revenue purpose, so no need of inscribed India and Bharat on stamps, Many states revenue overprinted state name for state revenue purpose. It is similar on line of other part of World, many USA states revenue stamps issued without inscribed USA. I don't think any thing wrong in the stamps.

Anonymous said...

Like J & k,does any other state of India have its own revenue stamp other than that of the Central /Union Govt.
Please post a copy here. Thanks

R.N.lalingkar said...

As far as my knowledge, no other state except J & K has got its own revenue stamp. It is because special status given to J & K under article 370 of Constitution of India.

RAJ KUMAR President of stistamp said...

Sikkim state also in same category, there is sec 370 apply for land revenue.

Anonymous said...

these stamps were used before the unification of indian republic, so why bothers abt all these.

R.N.lalingkar said...

Why we 'Bharateeya' in other parts of "our country" (except J&K and Sikkim)should bother, because when I was travelling first time in Shrinagar in a taxi which was engaged by me for full day for my official work (I was 'inspecting' one branch of State Bank of India)and at the end of the day, I asked for the 'stamped receipt' from the taxi-driver (for my official purpose), he told me that he does not have revenue stamp. So, I told him to use a 'revenue stamp' which I was carrying with me (as usual) and gave him with a request to affix it on his 'receipt' and sign thereon. I was shocked when he told me 'bluntly' that "YOUR Indian' revenue stamp will not be 'valid' here.("Ye apake India-ka stamp 'yaha' nahi chalega"). When I insisted for 'explanation for 'apake-india ka', he told me that the revenue stamp being used in J&K is for 50 paise only and it is different in design and size. Then, next day I went to nearby Post office and asked for 'revenue stamp' and was surprised to see that it was like what is displayed above. That is why my first query about J&K Revenue stamp. Such things may create 'separatist' attitude of J&K people, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am from Jammu and I just went to submit my PF forms in Hyderabad. My form was rejected because they didnt identify this revenue stamp. This is a joke on national systems.

R.N.lalingkar said...

That is why a uniform policy should be adopted by Govt of India through out the country.