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Friday, May 14, 2010

List of India stamps issue in 1982

List of India stamps issue in 1982
1. Centenary of Telephone services , Date of issue, 10.01.1982
2 .12th International Soil Science Congress, Date of issue, 08.02.1982
3. 125 Th Anniv. of Sir J.J.School of Art,Bombay, Date of issue, 02.03.1982
4. Birth Centenary of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Date of issue,15.03.1982
5. Festival of India,London .Ancient Sculpture, Date of issue, 23.03.1982
6-7.Festival of India in London. Date of issue, 23.03.1982
     A. Deer Family (Stone Carving )     B.   Kalia-Mardana (Bronze )
8. Science & TechnologyRadio Telescope, Date of issue, 23.03.1982
9. Centenary of Robert Koch's Discovery of T.B.,Date of issue, 24.03.1982
10 .Durgabai Deshmukh, Date of issue, 09.05.1982
11-14.Himalayan Flowers, Date of issue, 29.05.1982
      A Blue Poppy   B. Showy Inula  C. Cobra Lily   D. Brahma Kamal
15. Apple Satellite, Date of issue, 19.06.1982
16. Bidhan Chandra Roy, Date of issue, 01.07.1982
17. 25th Anniv. of Oil & Natural Gas Commission , Date of issue, 14.08.1982
17-18. Festival of  India, Date of issue, 17.09.1982
             A. S. H. Raza Painting            B. M.F. Husain Painting
19.Wildlife Week, Date of issue, 01.10.1982
20.50 Th Anniv.of Indian Air Force, Date of issue, 08.10.1982
21.50th Anniv.of Civil Aviation in India, Date of issue, 15.10.1982
22. Police Day-Police Beat Patrol, Date of issue, 21.10.1982
23. Post Office Savings Bank, Date of issue, 23.10.1982
24. IX Asian Games, Date of issue, 30.10.1982
25. Troposcatter Communication Link between India and USSR, Date of issue, 02.11.1982
26. IX Asian Games, Arjun And Krishana, Disputed painting of kuruchhatra, Date of issue, 06.11.1982
27. National Children's Day, Date of issue, 14.11.1982
28-31. IX Asian Games, Date of issue, 10.01.1982
32-32.IX Asian Games, Date of issue, 19.11.1982
34. Indian Military academy, Dehradun, Date of issue, 25.11.1982
35. P. Tandon , Date of issue, 15.12.1982
36. Centenary of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Date of issue, 18.12.1982
37-38. Inpex-82, Date of issue, 30.12.1982
             A. Rail Coach          B. Stamps on Stamps

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