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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

List of India stamps issued in 1967

01. Jai Kisan, Date of issue-11.01.1967
02. Indian General Election,Date of issue-13.01.1967
03. Guru gobind Singh,Date of issue-17.01.1967
04. International Tourist Year,Date of issue-19.01.1967
05. Nandalal Bose, Date of issue - 16.04.1967
06. Survey of India Bicentenary, Date of issue- 01.05.1967
07. Basaveswara,Date of issue-11.05.1967
08. Narsinha Mehta,Date of issue-30.05.1967
09. Maharana Pratap,Date of issue-11.06.1967
10. Narayana Guru,Date of issue-21.08.1967
11. Dr. S. Radhakrishan,Date of issue-05.09.1967
12. Quit India Movement,Date of issue-01.10.1967
13. Indo-European Telegraph Service,Date of issue-09.11.1967
14. World Wrestling Championships,Date of issue-12.11.1967
15. Nehru in Nagaland,Date of issue-01.12.1967
16. Rashbehari Basu,Date of issue-26.12.1967
17. Scout Movement in India,Date of issue-27.12.1967

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