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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indian Princely State Jasdan Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Indian Princely State Jasdan, Formerly Western India States Agency (Kathiwar), merged into Saurashtra, now in Gujarat state. Area of state 767 km2 (56 villages) , Population was 34,050 in 1931, Date  of accession (15Th Ferbuary1948 ).
Court fee stamps :--
Type-6, used in 1923-28, size 95x57mm., Perf. 11x11-1/2, Wove paper

Two Annas, dark blue

Four Annas, Pale brown.

Type-8, used in 1928-32, size 95x55mm., Perf. 11, Wove paper.

 Four Annas, orange.

Type-14, used in 1945-50, size of stamps 77x35mm., Perf.10. Printer L.V.Indap & Co., Bombay.
Four Annas, orange

Revenue stamps :--
Type- 20, used in 1920-25, size of stamps 31x38mm., Perf 12-1/2. Wove paper.

One Anna, red, local print with large dot between "JASDAN " and "STATE".

Type- 21, used in 1930-40, size of stamps 31x38mm., Perf 11. Wove paper.

 One Anna, deep red.

One Anna, red

Type- 25, used in 1940-50, size of stamps 21x25mm., Perf 9. Thick wove paper. Printer L.V.Indap& Co, Bombay.

One Anna, pink.

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