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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indian Princely State Sayla Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Indian Princely State Sayla, Formerly Western India States Agency (Kathiwar), merged into Saurashtra, now in Gujarat state. Area of state 575 km2 , Population was 15,285 in 1931,  Privy purse was 62,500 Rs. on the time of accession (15Th Ferbuary1948 ).
Court fee stamps
Type- 6, used in 1932-33, size 84x47mm., Perf. 12, Wove paper, Lithographed.

One Anna, dull blue

Four Annas, pale brown

Type-8, used in 1943-47, size84x47mm.,Perf.11, Wove paper, Printer L.V. Indap & co. ,Bombay

One Anna, red

 Four Annas,emerald.

Eight Annas, dull blue

Salya later used in Zalawad :-- (unknown history of later used )
Zalawad present know as Surendranagar, It is gateway for Saurashtra. Surendranagar is district place and main city of surendranagar district. It is developed by Maharaja Surendrasinh. It is located between Ahmedabad and Rajkot. It has 10 taluka (Wadhwan, Muli, Limbdi, Sayla, Chotila, Halvad, Dhrangdhra, Lakhtar, Chuda, Dasada ).
Court fee stamps, 
Type- 8 of Sayla state overprinted by round rubber stamps " TREASURY OFFICE ZALAWAD * SAURASTRA GOVERNMENT. "

One Anna, red

Two Annas, violet

Four Annas, emerald

Eight Annas, dull blue

One Rupees, yellow-lemon

Two Rupees, magenta.

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