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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Indian Princely State Indargarh Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Indargarh state Formerly jagir (estate ) of Princely state Kotah , now in Rajasthan State , area of state was 400 sq miles ( 92 villages ) ,and population of state was 26,208 in 1894.Capital of Indargarh state was Indargarh town. It bordered on the south by the Etawah Nizamat; on the north by Japiur and Tonk and the river Chambal; on the east by Gwalior and the river Parbati; and in the west by Bundi and Tonk. It was situated at the extreme northern tip of Kotah state, about 45 miles northeast of Kotah city.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-5, used in 1932-49, size 83x35mm., various local printing

Study of Two Annas stamps.
 Type -5A Devnagrik script of " अ " in Hindi value panel.

Dark blue


Blue, excessive gap between Two and Anna in Hindi value panel.

Blue, left lower corner diagonal 

Blue, part portion of king portrait missing

 Blue, Hindi "two" erroneous spelling

Blue, Printed on white surfaced wove paper.

 Type -5B Sanskrit script of " अ " in Hindi value panel.


 Bright blue

Blue, poor printing

Blue, Printed on white surfaced paper.

Light blue,Printed on white surfaced paper. large lettering size

 Blue, Hindi "two" erroneous spelling

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Anonymous said...

A nice work on a small estate. We need research on the fiscals of Indian Princely states and their estates. Col Jayanta Dutta