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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Indian Princely State Vanod Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamp

Vanod ( Wanod ) Formerly Western India States Agency (Jhalawar Prant ) Kathiawar,, merged in Saurashtra, now in Gujarat State , area of state was 58 square miles ( 8 villages ) ,and population of state was 4,676 in 1931.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-10, used in 1932-40, size 78x38mm., Perf. 12, Surfaced wove paper.

One Anna,blue

Later used in Saurashtra :--
One Anna,blue

Two Annas, green

Four Annas, vermillion.

Revenue stamps :--
Type- 11, used in 1890-1896, Imperf, Wove paper.
 One Anna, red-brown


inayatkhanjimalik said...

May i also please know your kind name and contact information.

inayatkhanjimalik said...

I m the Ruler of Vanod State. and i would like to convey that first you view my state website, you would find appropriate history of Vanod State.

H.H.InayatKhanji.Malik of Vanod State.

Javedkhan Malek said...

I am also shared your website,

I am Javedkhan Malek, S/o Ushmankhan Malek, Nana Ubhada