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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Indian Princely State Gondal Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps India Asia British Commonwealth

Gondal state Formerly Western India States Agency (Kathiawar ),merged in Saurashtra, now in Gujarat State , area of state was 2652 square KM ( 180 villages ) ,and population of state was 2,05,840 in 1931.Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15 Th February1948 ) was Rs.8,00,000.
Bill stamp :--
Type-5, issued in 1881, Printed in sheet of 12 on thin wove paper.

One Anna, dark blue, 

One Anna, dark blue, perf. 10

One Anna, dark blue, part portion of shading in oval area missing.

Two Annas, brown, perf. 13-1/2

Four Annas, yellow-green, perf. 13-1/2

 Eight Annas, yellow

One Rupee, chalky blue

Type-6, used in 1891-1906, Type-5 redrawn,Perf.11, Wove thin paper.No shading within the oval. New ornaments in the triangles around oval.

One Anna, blue.

 Four Annas,emerald, perfin "HUZ.R cd 13.07.1908"

Provisional issue (1908-10) :--
Type-5 surcharged in black, letter 2mm. high and the numeral 8mm. high.

One Anna on eight Anna,orange-yellow

Revenue stamps :--
Type-20, used in 1928-44, size of stamps 30x24mm., Perf. 13-3/4, Wove paper.

One Anna, violet

Two Annas, bright blue

Four Annas, deep green

Four Annas, violet

Eight Annas, red

Provisional issue
Issued in 1932. One line black surcharge with new value in Gujarati (20x4mm.)

Commemorative issue
Type- 25, issued in 1934. size of stamps 27x33mm., Perf. 11x12. Stamps issued on the occasion of celebrates a rule of 56 years by Bhagvat Sinhji (1878-1934).The Sambat dates (1934-1990) are inscribed in the design above the ruler's head.

Two Annas, purple

Two Annas, purple, perf. shifted left

Two Annas, purple, perf. shifted right.

Two Annas, purple, perf. shifted right & up.

Two Annas, purple, perf. shifted up.Gujarati value missing.

 Two Annas, purple,printed on grey paper. paper size large.

 Two Annas, grey-blue

 Four Annas, purple

Eight Annas, purple

Eight Annas,scarlet

Eight Annas,carmine

 Eight Annas,orange-red

Provisional issue
One line black surcharge with new value in Gujarati (19x3-1/2 mm. )
2 Annas on 8 Annas. orange red

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