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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Telegraph stamps of British India / Queen Victoria / Edward VII

Double headed stamps
Printer : De La Rue & Co. Ltd., London.
 Double Heads stamps

Single Head stamps of QV and KED VII

Provisional issue of Telegraph stamps (1904 )

2 Annas surcharged on 8 Annas KED VII Telegraph stamps. This issue was withdrawn and destroyed shortly after surcharged.
4 Annas surcharged on 1 Rupee QV Telegraph stamps of 1890.

50 Rs. top value stamps. *

1 An Special adhesive stamps overprinted. *


Anonymous said...

High I'm interested in this indian special adhesive telegraph stamp. Can you tell me if the stamp is currently for sale? Not sure what the status of this page is.

Anonymous said...

I have loads of these complete, not cut in half,,, what are they worth?