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Saturday, October 9, 2010

List of Indian stamps issued in 1968

01. International Year for Human Rights, Date of issue-01.01.1968
02. International Conference of Tamil Studies,Madras,Date of issue-03.01.1968
03. U.N. Conference on Trade & Development, Date of issue-01.02.1968
04. Amrit Bazer News paper, Date of issue-20.02.1968
05. Maxim Gorky, Date of issue-28.03.1968
06. First Triennials, Date of issue-31.03.1968
07. 100000 Post office, Date of issue-01.07.1968
08. Wheat Revolution, Date of issue-17.07.1968
09. Gaganendranath Tagore, Date of issue-17.09.1968
10. Lakshminath Bezbaruah, Date of issue-05.10.1968
11-12. XIX Olympic Games, Mexico, Date of issue-12.10.1968
      A. 20 P   B. 1Rs
13. Bhagat Singh, Date of issue-19.10.1968
14. 25 Th Anniv. of Azad Hind Govt., Date of issue-21.10.1968
15. Sister Nivedita, Date of issue-27.10.1968
16. Maria Curia, Date of issue-06.11.1968
17. International Geographical Cong., Date of issue-01.12.1968
18. 400 Th Anniv. of Cochin Synagogue, Date of issue-15.12.1968
19. Indian navel ship, Nilgiri, Date of issue-15.12.1968
20-23 Indian Birds, Date of issue-31.12.1968
       A. 20P   B. 50P  C.  1Rs.  D 2Rs.

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