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Friday, December 17, 2010

Indian Princely State Piploda Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Piploda state formerly Central States Agency (Malwa), now in Madhya Pradesh State, area of state was 91 Square K.M. ,and population of state was 9,627 in 1931. Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15th June 1948 ) was Rs.30,000.
Court fee stamps :--
Type- 4, used in 1924-26, Laid parer. Watermark Lion Brand. STAMP PIPLODA in serif caps.
Eight Annas, blue

One Rupee, red

Type-5, used in 1938-45, size 187x71mm. Imperf. 11. Laid paper. Typographed.Two line border. Various printing, Kimat in Hindi misspelled.

 One Anna, red. (Hindi value panel box size 47x8 mm.)

One Anna, red. (Hindi value panel box size 52x9 mm.)

 One Anna, red. (Hindi value panel box size 43x9 mm.). dot missing after Stamp Riyasat Piploda.

Four Annas, yellow

Eight Annas, deep blue

One Rupee, red. "STAMP" in serif caps. (KM No.- 55A)

Type-6, used in 1933-37,Type-5 redrawn,Small monogram “Piploda State Stamp” in Italic upper and lower case serifs. Monogram embossed. Fancy floral border. Laid paper. Watermark : Paper maker’s name and paper type.
 Four Annas, yellow.

 Eight Annas, deep blue

 One Rupee, gold

Type-10, used in 1941-49, size 76x35mm. Perf. 10-1/2, Wove paper.
1 Rupee, green

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