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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indian Princely State Dhar Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Dhar state formerly Central India Agency, now in Madhya Pradesh State. area of state was 1800 Sq miles, population of state was 2,43,430 in 1931. Privy purse of state on the time of accession ( 1St June 1949 ) was Rs.2,90,000.
Court fee stamps :--
Type- 5, used in 1920-26, size 80x41mm., Perf. 12, Wove paper.

 One Anna, red

Two Annas, blue

Eight Annas, green

Type- 6, used in 1924-34, size 85x41mm., Rough perf. 12, Wove paper.

 One Anna, scarlet

Two Annas, blue

Type- 12, used in 1931-39, size 80x40mm., Perf. 11-3/4, Wove paper.

One Anna, orange-red

Four Annas, violet

Eight Annas, green

Type- 13, used in 1920-26, size 80x40mm., Perf. 12, Wove paper.

 One Anna, red

Two Annas, ultra blue

Two Annas, violet blue

Eight Annas, green, portrait dry printing

Type- 16, used in 1934-47, size 82x40mm., Perf. 11, Surfaced wove paper.
3 types of printing in this issue. A. English value in small letters. B. English  value in capital letters.
C. Tall thick letters.

One Anna, scarlet, Type-A

One Anna, scarlet, Type-B

 Four Annas, violet, Type- C

Eight Annas, green

Type- 20, used in 1936, size 75x35mm., Perf. 12, Thick wove paper.

Two Annas, blue

Revenue stamps :--
Type- 35, used in 1930-34 (?), size 30x34mm., Perf. 12, Thick wove paper.

 One Anna, rose red

One Anna, vermilion

Type- 38, used in 1935-40, size 29x34mm., Perf. 11-1/4, Wove paper.

 One Anna, red

Type- 39, used in 1940-45, size 29x34mm., Perf. 11, Surfaced wove paper.
 One Anna, red

 One Anna, red, background of portrait white
Type- 40, used in 1942-47, size 29x34mm., Perf. 10x10-1/2, Wove paper.

One Anna, rose-red

One Anna, vermilion

Dhar Thikanas.
Multhan :--
Area -- 99 Sq miles.
Population--11,804 (1931)

One Anna, vermilion

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