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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Indian Princely State Alwar Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Alwar state formerly Rajputana Jaipur Residency, ; now in Rajasthan state. area of state was 3,158 square miles  ,and population of state was 749,751 in 1931. Privy purse of state on the time of accession was Rs.5,20,000
Court fees stamps :--
Type - 5, used in 1912-22, Perf. 14,
1 Anna, green

4 Annas, green
Overprinted one Anna by violet rubber stamp, purpose unknown.

8 Annas, green

1 Rupee, green

Type -10, used in 1920-25, size 77x36mm., Perf. 14, creamy wove paper, Watermark multiple rosettes.

1 Anna, purple brown

2 Annas, green

4 Annas, ultra

8 Annas, green

8 Annas, brown

Type -16, used in 1931-49, size 76x36mm., Perf. 12-1/2, Lithographed.

1 Rupee, rose-red

2 Rupees, green, ovpt. Rajasthan state

5 Rupees,orange

5 Rupees,orange, ovpt. Rajasthan state

5 Rupees,orange, ovpt. Rajasthan state

Type -17, used in 1940-49, size 76x36mm., Imperf., Lithographed.

 1 Anna, brown

4 Annas, blue

4 Annas, blue, ovpt. Rajasthan state

4 Annas, blue, ovpt. Rajasthan state

 4 Annas, blue, ovpt. Rajasthan state

4 Annas, deep blue, ovpt. Rajasthan state

 1 Rupee, red

1 Rupee,  rose-red

1 Rupee, carmine

Type -18, used in 1942-49, Imperf.,The narrow crown is dropped to the level of and below the tops of the flages in the coat of arms. ALWAR in English large size.

2 Annas, green

 2 Annas, yellow-green

 8 Annas, pale brown

8 Annas, brown

8 Annas, brown, ovpt. Rajasthan state

8 Annas, red-brown, ovpt. Rajasthan state

8 Annas, brown, ovpt. Rajasthan 

 8 Annas, red-brown, machine ovpt. Rajasthan state

Revenue stamps : --
Type-31, used in 1910-25, size 25x30mm. Perf. 14, Wove paper.

Printed on Watermark paper
1 Anna, black-brown

Printed on without watermark paper
1 Anna, black-brown

 Printed on thin without watermark paper
 1 Anna, black-brown

Type-32, used in 1920-25, size 24x28mm. Perf. 11-1/2, Wove paper.

1 Anna, pale brown

1 Anna, red brown 

1 Anna, chocolate brown

1 Anna, black brown

Type-33, used in 1940-49, size 24x28mm. Imperf., Wove paper. The crown between the flags is narrow and teller.

1 Anna, chocolate brown 

 1 Anna, red brown, ovpt. Rajasthan state

Type-34, used in 1945, size 24x28mm. Perf 14., Wove paper. The crown is dropped to a lower position between the flag.

1 Anna, black brown

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