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Friday, January 6, 2012

French India stamps ( Etablissements Francais dans I'Inde )

1892, "Tablet" Key type colonies stamps

1c, Gutter marginal pair

1914, Brahma

set of 15 stamps 1c in 2 shade.

Temple near Pondicherry
set of 10 stamps

1916, surcharge issue cross and 5c, Types according position of overprint.
Type-1, cross and 5c center left

Type-2, center cross left 5c right

Type-3, cross over Brahma head, in bottom 5 left c right

Type-4, cross left 5c right in bottom line

Type-5, in bottom line 5 left, Maltese cross right

Type-6, Maltese cross in center top, 5 in left c right

1922, surcharge in figures and bars
set of 3 value

A. overprinted shifted up
B. line before value

1923, Overprinted new currency in caches, fanons and rupees

Gutter marginal pair


1923 Postage due :-- 
Postage due stamps of France overprinted in figures and letters.

set of 11 stamps 

1929, Brahma, Value in caches, fanons and rupees

set of 9 stamps

set of 11 stamps

1929 Postage due
set of 7 stamps

1931, Colonial International exhibition, Paris in 1931.

set of 4 stamps 

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