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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Indian Princely State Khairagarh Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps

Khairagarh state was formerly Riapur District, now in Chhattisgarh State , area of state was 931 sq miles (512 villages) and population of state was 157,000 in 1931, Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15Th June.1948 ) was Rs.102,300.
Court fee stamps :--
Type-6, issued in 1885, British India Queen Victoria Court fee stamps of 1882 overprint "KHAIRAGARH/ STATE
3 Annas

Type-8, issued in 1920-35, British India KGV Court fee stamps of A-1913, B-1923 overprint "KHAIRAGARH/ STATE

3 Annas

4 Annas

6 Annas, Type- A

6 Annas, Type-B

8 Annas, Type- A

8 Annas, Type- B

12 Annas, Type- A

12 Annas, Type-B

1 Rupee

 1 Rupee 2 Annas

1 Rupee 8 Annas

3 Rupees 

 5 Rupees

 6 Rupees

Type-8A, issued in 1938, British India KGVI Court fee stamps of 1937 overprint "KHAIRAGARH/ STATE
 1 Anna

8 Annas
Talbana Fees :--
Type-25, used in 1935-40 (?), 38mm. diameter. Imperf. Wove paper. Hand stamped cut square and glued to document for adhesive use.
4 An, violet

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