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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indian Princely State Jodhpur ( marwar ) Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps , British India period stamp

Jodhpur state is formerly Western Rajputana States Agency merged into Rajasthan States, area of state was 93,424 KM2 ,and population of state was 2,125,000 in 1931, Privy purse of state on the time of accession 7th April 1949 was Rs.1,750,000.
Court fee stamps :--
Type - 5,used in 1939-49, size 63x33mm., Perf. 13.1/2. 14 Wove paper,Lithographed. Printer of stamps De La Rue., London.

Four Annas, grey

Six Annas, orange

Eight Annas, bright blue.

Twelve Annas, turquoise.

One Rupee, yellow-green.

One Rupee two Annas, brown.

Two rupees, scarlet.

Four Rupees, violet.

Type- 6, used in 1933-42, Perf. 13-1/2. Wove paper. Lithographed. Printer of stamps De La Rue., London.Same design as Type-5 except "Marwar State" replaces "Jodhpur Government" above portrait.

Two Annas, brown-grey

Eight Annas, blue

 One Rupee, yellow-green.

 One Rupee, yellow-green, error left side imperf.

Type - 7,used in 1939-41, size 78x34mm., Perf. 11. Wove paper,Lithographed. Printer of stamps De La Rue., London.

 One Anna, blue

Two Annas, olive-brown

Four Annas, dull magenta.

Twelve Annas, brown-orange

One Rupee, yellow-green

Two Rupees, teal- blue

Three Rupees, green.

Four Rupees, violet

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