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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indian Princely State Jodhpur ( marwar ) Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps , page-2

Type-8. used in 1939-40, size 78x34mm. Perf. 10-1/2. Wove paper. Lithographed. Printer of stamps De La Rue., London.

 One Anna, blue.

Four Annas, magenta.

Six Annas, orange.

Eight Annas, brown.

Twelve Annas, orange.

 One Rupee, olive-green

 One Rupee eight Anna, brown

 Three Rupees, green.

Provisional issue :-- 12 Annas surcharged with new value in purple four line handstamp. and "collector, Jodhpur" facsimile signature. The new Hindi value is in Linear numerals.

Twelve Annas on eight Annas, brown

Type-9.issued in 1942, Type-8 redrawn.Perf. 13-1/2. Wove paper."THOMAS DE LA RUE & COMPANY. LIMITED. LONDON" imprint at bottom edge of stamp. Minor portrait change.

One Anna, bright blue.

Two Annas, olive-brown.

Four Annas, dull magenta.

Eight Annas, brown.

 One Rupee, olive-green.

One Rupee two Anna, grey.

Two Rupees, teal-blue.

Two Rupees, bright blue.(color unlisted)

Four Rupees, deep violet.

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