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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Indian Princely State Mewar ( Udaipur ) Court fee and Revenue Stamps later used in Rajasthan state page 7.

Page 7.
Mewar state Court fee and Revenue stamps later used in Rajasthan state :--
Type- ??,
Key type overprinted by rubber stamp in Hindi "JOINT RAJASTHAN GOVERNMENT "
Overprint on type-20

 Eight Annas, overprinted by violet ink.

 Eight Annas, overprinted by green blue ink.

  Eight Annas, surfaced wove paper, overprinted by blue ink.

Overprint on type-21

 Eight Anna, red

Overprint on type-25
One Anna, 
Overprinted - thin letter

Four Annas

Four Annas
Overprinted - thin letter 

 Four Annas

Eight Annas

Overprint on type-29

 Two Anna, pink  unlisted color in KM

Overprint on type-40

One Rupee, overprinted by red ink.

 One Rupee, overprinted by blue-black ink

Three Rupees, red and pale blue overprinted by blue ink.

Revenue stamps :--

One Anna, yellow green

One Anna, green

One Anna, green

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